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I have two graduates of Happy Time Nursery School. Both of my children started at the age of 2 1/2 and attended 3 years. They are now entering 1st grade and Kindergarten.

Happy Time is truly that - a happy place to send your children. The environment bubbles over with the magical excitement of childhood. A love of learning is fostered through creative play, exploration, and the skilled guidance of Big Teacher (as we all lovingly call her) and her team of caring educators. My children benefitted from the small school size - just 26 kids with 4 amazing teachers, plus specialists who come in for Spanish, gymnastics, pony riding lessons, and music. In addition to the wonderful opportunities for play the children get one-on-one time to work on math, writing, and reading skills. My son entered Kindergarten extremely well prepared and had a very successful first year in elementary school. My daughter will be entering Kindergarten this Fall and I know she is going to have a great start because of Happy Time.

In addition to all of the wonderful things above, the children get to help tend to the vegetable garden and occasionally have the opportunity to visit the chicken coop and bring home a prized egg. I loved seeing the preschoolers munching on garden fresh green beans and cucumbers on the car ride home!

And, I cannot forget to mention "Tea Time". Imagine a very large oval dining table cut down to kid level with 26 tiny chairs all around. Insert the wee ones in the picture, one or two wearing a crown for doing something commendable that day (i.e. picking up toys with out being told, sharing with another, etc), and place a very Special Cup (real china tea cup/saucer) in front of another for doing a wonderful deed. Juice is poured and delightful little cookies are passed around. This sweet scene is the perfect time for a lesson in manners. We say, "Please and Thank You", "Yes" never yeah, "Sharing is Caring", "Be Kind and Loving". Manners and socialization are a wonderful part of Happy Time. My son (now almost 7) has received many compliments on his willingness to help an his patience with younger children. I give much of the credit to Happy Time because of the mixed age group and insistence that all children be kind and helpful to one another.

Saying goodbye to the daily routine of Happy Time will be tough for our family. I am so grateful to Big Teacher, John Paul, Hyesuk, and others who have helped raise my children over the past 3 years. We love Happy Time and recommend it to everyone seeking a loving, encouraging, wonderful place to nurture their children and prepare them for a lifetime of learning. Call to set-up a tour. Don't be surprised if your search stops before you feel you have started - it really is that special. -Stacy

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