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Happy Time Nursery School Since 1962
Celebrating 50 wonderful years

Our founder, Mary Ann Tessary, created the most unique
and magical preschool in San Diego.

Mary Ann Tessary
Our founder and fearless leader - Mary Ann Tessary
1943, Rancho Santa Fe

Mary Ann Tessary moved to Rancho Santa Fe when she was six months old and her destiny was decided just a few months later when she received her first Welsh Mountain Pony. Her love of riding was matched only by her love for children. During her 20+ years of giving riding lessons and having nurtured and cared for children, she discovered that the discipline and love required for riding was the same needed for teaching children.

The Garden
Tending the vegetable garden

In April, 1962 she combined her two loves by opening Happy Time Nursery School. Her most gratifying moments are when former students drop by to tell her of their fond memories of Happy Time. She is now privileged to have students of former students. Mary Ann says, "Every morning I cannot wait to see the children, it's been 50 years and I still love what I do just as much as the day we opened."

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