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Welcome to Happy Time Nursery School!

Preschool Opening
Happy Time Nursery School is located in Rancho Santa Fe. We limit our program to 25 students and offer a variety of developmental and social skills. We teach listening and speaking skills, preliminary reading and writing skills as well as preliminary math skills. Our unique program is play based and allows your child to discover colors, shapes, numbers, the alphabet, music appreciation with piano, painting, Spanish and storytelling. We strive to keep your child happy and well-rounded.


Celebrating 50 years

Pre-school Rancho Santa Fe
One of our gentle Welsh Mountain Pony
Photography by Courtney Buffett

Our preschool is a unique preschool providing a holistic and transformative environment, nurturing the whole child and protecting the wonder and magic of early childhood. We are committed to enriching your child's emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development while providing the foundation for lifelong love of learning, compassion and good manners.

Preschoolers playing outside at Happy Time Nursery School

We offer a wide range of enriching activities to meet the individual needs of your child, including pony riding lessons on our Welsh Mountain Ponies, dancing, singing, music, gymnastics, Spanish, storytelling, art, daily high tea (a unique approach to learning etiquette), free play, learning letters, numbers, shape recognition and much more. Other important concepts taught, include: self-esteem, etiquette and appreciation of others. We encourage self-expression and creativity. We help children develop coordination and stimulate self-achievement through our gymnastics program.

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Enjoying a spot of tea!
High Tea is a daily ritual at Happy Time Nursery School.

North County Preschool
Loot from the garden and the Happy Time Orchard!

Our belief is that children learn best in an environment that values the uniqueness of each individual . Knowing the role of the teacher is to identify and meet the needs of each child through planned and spontaneous experiences.

Our students come from the communites of Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Cardiff, Del Sur, Encinitas, Carmel Valley, Fairbanks, Santaluz, Crosby Estates, The Bridges, Leucadia and Carlsbad.

Our school offers one on one instruction as well as group teachings. All of our teachers/teachers aides, are fingerprinted and CPR red cross certified and trained.

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